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National Digital Literacy Programme

Personal Digital Learning Programme

Digital technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in jobs, workplaces and society. Digital technology is going to be integral in our lives, and it is important for students to be equipped with the digital skills to be future-ready. To make digital learning inclusive by equipping students with the digital literacies to be future-ready, all secondary school students are required to purchase a school-prescribed personal learning device (PLD). Singapore Citizen students can use their Edusave Account to pay for the PLD. The device will be used to facilitate an environment that encourages personalised learning. The device will be used for teaching and learning in class. Device Management Application (DMA) software will be installed on your child’s device to provide a safe learning experience, and to prevent misuse of the device.

Intended Outcomes of a Personalised Learning Environment

The use of the personal learning device for teaching and learning aims to:
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Support the Development of Digital Literacies Support self-directed and collaborative learning Enhance Teaching and Learning
Students will learn digital skills such as gathering and evaluating information online, interacting with the online community, and creating digital products. Students can access digital resources on their own to acquire knowledge about a topic of their interest beyond the curriculum. They can also share and build on one another’s ideas, and refine their own understanding. 1:1 learning environment allows teachers and students to harness technology for greater effectiveness in teaching. For example, instructions, activities and feedback for each student could be more tailored and relevant to students’ learning needs.

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PDLP Rollout @ Whitley

Incoming Sec 1 students will indicate their intent to purchase the PLDs in March 2022. The expected date for collecting the PLDs is in mid-March 2022. Parents can opt to let their children collect the devices themselves or opt to accompany their children to check and collect their devices together. Students will be guided step by steps in unboxing, checking, logging in and testing their devices. Students will then proceed to sign over the devices after checking that their device is in order. Below are some pictures captured during the PLD deployment days in 2021:
PDLP Rollout @ Whitley 1.jpg
PDLP Rollout @ Whitley 2.jpg
PDLP Rollout @ Whitley 3.jpg
PDLP Rollout @ Whitley 4.jpg