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Communicative Arts

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Secondary 1

Vlog Students would utilize their PLDs to access flexclip, an online news-making software, to create interesting and meaningful vlogs. They would work in pairs to curate information online and create a 1 minute vlog which they will use to communicate and share their learning with their fellow peers.

Secondary 2 - Interview

Students would learn the relevant communication skills needed to conduct interviews with their student buddies. Students were allowed the freedom to do research on any area of interest as long as it was relevant to the syllabus. Students work in pairs to curate information online and design a set of questions to ask their buddies. One will role-play as interviewer while the other will role-play as interviewee. The interview should last around 2mins.

Secondary 3 - Talk Show

Students would work in pairs, to apply what they have learnt in Secondary 1 and 2, to design and conduct a talk show on a topic they are interested in. They would create a deck of PowerPoint slides and take turns to present the topic to their classmates. The presentation would be around 3 minutes long. Thereafter, they would have to hold a question and answer session, answering at least 3 questions from their classmates.

Secondary 1 MTL students created vlogs like this travel documentary
Secondary 1 MTL students created vlogs like this food review
Secondary 2 MTL students conducting their interview
Secondary 3 MTL students conducting their online Talk Show on water conservation
Secondary 3 MTL students hosting a Talk Show on online shopping in their classroom