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Racial Harmony Day Celebration 2016

21 July 2016

This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day is ‘Our Cultural Heritage’. We first started off the commemoration of Racial Harmony by donning in various ethnic costumes. The Parents Support Group also came down to school and sold traditional food during the recesses. Eating some of these food certainly brought back fond memories!

RH21Jul2016A.jpgOn a more serious tone, we also engaged the use of IN articles from The Straits Times and carried out discussions on key issues that were happening around the world. Through these articles, Whitleyans are now more aware of the importance of ensuring Racial Harmony in our society.


Our Secondary One History students also put up their projects on the Cultural Heritage of Singapore. They had to share about what they learnt about the various racial groups in Singapore. As the youngest in the school, they were a bundle of nerves when they had to present their work in front of the school. It was certainly a good experience for them.

More photos can be viewed here.