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49th Prefect’s Investiture

The 49 th  Prefect’s Investiture was held on Wednesday 29 June 2016.  Staff and students  gathered in the school hall to witness the installation of the prefects. The event began with  Mrs Tay addressing the school about the importance of everyday leadership.

The graduating prefects were presented certificates as a token of appreciation for their dedication towards the school. As the graduating prefects went on stage to collect their certificates, they were met with loud applause and cheers from their peers for their contributions over the past year.

The new committee of prefects was also introduced to the school.  This year’s executive committee is led by Rayner Tan of 3E1 as Head Prefect and Jessica Meggan of 3E3 as Vice Head Prefect. The handover of leadership was symbolically represented through the Badge ceremony, which was especially poignant moment in the event. Prefects of the 49 th  batch of EXCOs helped their successors to put on their badges, signifying the handing down of responsibility to the 50 th  batch of EXCOs. They shared a few words of encouragement to their juniors and took a bow before the school. The prefects recited the Prefect’s pledge and the ceremony ended with Rayner the newly elected head prefect delivering his speech. He thanked the school for their support during the election and rallied his fellow student leaders to work together towards bringing The Prefectorial Board to greater heights.

Denzel Patric Pasatiempo of 4E2 was reminiscing the challenges as well as the joy he experienced as a prefect. He thanked teachers, school leaders and his fellow prefects for their support he received.


The Prefects taking the prefect’s pledge led by Rayner. The prefects raised their hands in unison and pledged as a batch, reflecting the great commitment, dedication and responsibility required of a prefect in their service of the school.