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Physical Education

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Whitley Secondary School’s Physical Education Department aims to develop students’ learning capacity to be fit and healthy students who are resilient and adventurous. We believe in teaching our students to learn and adopt life-long healthy habits and that Physical Education is an integral part of the holistic development of every child. We seek to educate our students on overall fitness and wellness, develop games proficiency and learn important values such as teamwork, resilience and grit through sports.

Besides subscribing to the PE Curriculum, various other robust and engaging programmes are organised to arouse the students’ interest and to encourage participation.

At the end of their journey in Whitley, we strongly believe all Whitleyans will be able to enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate a variety of sports and games. Through the activities, students will also develop values such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were very fortunate to be able to carry out the modified level camp for the secondary 1 to 3 levels. For secondary 1 and 2 students, it was a 3- day non residential camp where the students were treated to adventure based learning which they really enjoyed. Activities like kayaking, dragon boat, orienteering, outdoor cooking and amazing race.

As for the secondary 3 students, they were privileged to attend the 2 day Outward Bound Camp in Punggol, East Coast Park and Pulau Ubin area. They too had a great time immersing themselves in the outdoors leading to the experience of a lifetime.

Whitley Secondary School was also responsible for organising the South 7 Cluster Games. Whitley Secondary School students were very keen to participate in the football, badminton and basketball games organized at the cluster level. This event provided a good platform for the students to have a more meaningful engagement during this period.

To further promote student fitness, the school also organized the All-Children Exercise Simultaneous Day@ WSS – Mass Dance. With the support of the PE/Sports Leaders, all students and staff carried out this mass dance in their respective classes due to the Covid-19 safety restrictions.

Sec 3 OBS Camp - Kayaking
Sec 3 OBS Camp - Rafting
Sec 2 Camp - Tracking Bukit Timah Hill
Sec 2 Camp - Outdoor Cooking
Sec 1 Camp - Dragon Boat Regatta
Sec 1 Camp - Amazing Race
All-Children Exercise Simultaneous Day@ WSS – Mass Dance
All-Children Exercise Simultaneous Day@ WSS – Mass Dance
All-Children Exercise Simultaneous Day@ WSS – Mass Dance