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Mathematics Department


Front (Math teachers from left)

Mrs Lye-Yong Kwee Fah, Mdm Ong Chan Hong, Mr Koh Wei Ping, Mr Tan Teck Hock

Back (Math teachers from left)

Mr Desmond Kan Wai Keong, Miss Pearly Sim Shi Dian, Ms Ng Soo Hoon, Mrs Ung-Ong Hoo Chooi, Miss Priscilla Tang Si Ying, Miss Heng Hui Hui, Miss Lee Sok Kum, Mr Han Xianyao, Mr Justin Chong Jin Fatt, Mr Ryan Ng Hua Yang, Ms Melissa Koh Shihui, Miss Fong Ching
Not in Picture: Mdm Yew Soo Hong

Mathematical problem solving is the focus of the mathematics curriculum. This is reflected in the Mathematics Curriculum Framework. The Mathematics department focuses on helping students acquire mathematical concepts and skills for continuous learning in mathematics. In our lessons, our teachers aim to develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving. The teachers adopt the Polya’s model of problem solving as a key teaching pedagogy. It is also the aim of the department to build confidence and foster interest in mathematics.

The department seeks to maximize the cognitive abilities and harness the potential of every student through our rigorous curriculum and enrichment programs.

The Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) project is an initiative and collaboration with the Curriculum, Planning and Development Division (CPDD), to equip our teachers with skills and strategies to better support low-progress students. Together with learning support and remediation programmes, the department seeks to fully support the academically weaker students.

Whitley Maths Talent Programme aims to provide an advanced and enriched curriculum that is intellectually challenging to the young talented minds. It is a development programme that is established for students in secondary one, two and three who have demonstrated exceptional ability in the subject. In the programme, students can expect to be exposed to a more challenging curriculum with accelerated, rigorous and advanced content. In addition, students will be provided with intense and exciting competition training in order to prepare them for both National and International Mathematics Competitions.


The school started its in-house Micro:bit journey as a post examination activity in 2017. We have always wanted to develop students’ interests and passion in ICT via hands-on projects that are related to daily life usage. This project is headed by a team of 4 HODs and 5 teachers that customized and developed the programme to meet our students’ ability. There will be plenty of hands-on learning by students, starting from the very basic of crimping the wires to the assembling the micro:bit and customizing the programming. At the end of the 6 hours course, project-based competitions will be held to instill fun and further encourage our students.

The project was designed to benefit the Secondary 1 and 2 Express students by instilling in them a passion for technology, developing students’ interests in programming, and exposing students to simple pocket-size codeable computer, which can be customized for their own use.

In Secondary 1, students will go through a core set of basic programming skills. Students will then be given about 4 to 5 projects in which they choose 1 project to work on. The project will allow students to apply the basic programming skills learnt. Students are required to present their completed project at the end of the Sec 1 programme.

In Secondary 2, students will extend their Micro:Bit basic skills to real-life application via a community challenge. Students will work in groups to identify needs/ problems/ issues faced by the community and to improve the situation by exploring solutions through the use of Micro:Bit.

We hope that our students will learn and appreciate how programming is the core backbone that supports many simple daily tasks done by machines. At the end of the training in Secondary 1, the students will be owner of their custom-designed mini-computer. Being owner of the device, student can further customized or download newly developed programs to explore new possibilities during their free time or school holiday. With this, we also hope to cultivate Whitleyans who are also eager to explore and develop new ideas.

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Teacher conducting MicroBit Lesson.jpeg
Teacher guiding student during MicroBit Lessons.jpeg