Character and Citizenship Education


Teachers in Charge

Mr Faizal Bin Mohamad:
Ms Vivian Tan:

Training Details

Venue: Performing Arts Studio
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 1500h - 1800h

Recent Achievements


Singapore Youth Festival Performing Arts Presentation (Drama)
‘The Diary of Emily of LalaLand’
Certificate of Accomplishment


International Science Drama Competition organised by Singapore Science Centre (Open Category)

Team 1 (Secondary 1 and 3 performers)
‘The Starfish Raiders’
1st Prize for Best Drama (Open Category)

Team 2 (Secondary 2 and 4 performers)
‘My Little Dream’
2nd Prize for Best Drama (Open Category)

Outstanding Performer Award: Jayoma Jamille

Popularity Award

International Science Drama Competition (Grand Finals)

The two teams represented Singapore in the International Grand Finals where they competed with teams from Australia, Brunei, China, Nigeria, Philippines, and Thailand (August).
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Drama_Club_ISDC_1.jpg Drama_Club_ISDC_2.jpg
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