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Cyber Wellness

Through CyberWellness (CW) education in CCE, students learn to be respectful, safe, and responsible users of technology and be a positive peer influence, advocating for the good of the community online. These are the key messages which students will understand: Embrace the affordances of technology while maintaining a balanced lifestyle between offline and online activities Be a safe and responsible user of technology and maintain a positive online presence Be responsible for personal well-being in the cyberspace CW in CCE focuses on the positive physical and psychological well-being of students as they navigate the cyber world. It involves an understanding of the norms of responsible behaviour regarding technology use as well as knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes on how to protect oneself and other users in the cyber world.

Topics in CCE Lessons include:

Cyber Use
  • maintain a healthy balance of their online and offline activities

Cyber Identity
  • develop a healthy online identity
  • express oneself online appropriately to be authentic and achieve congruence between online and offline identity

Cyber Relationships
  • develop safe, respectful, and meaningful online relationships (e.g. address cyber bullying, build positive relationships)

Cyber Citizenship
  • understand the cyber world and make informed choices about participation in online activities
  • recognise and protect oneself and others from online risks associated with people who may have malicious intent
  • have a positive presence in the cyber community and be a positive influence

Cyber Ethics
  • create and share online content in a responsible manner