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CCE Lessons

In Whitley, the CCE lessons provide time for teachers to engage and build relationships with their students through discussions and effective classroom strategies.

These lessons are part of the total curriculum,with dedicated curriculum time. Broadly, the CCE lesson time in Whitley is used:
  • for explicit teaching of values and social-emotional competencies to address the developmental needs of students
  • equip students with knowledge and skills to better understand real-world contexts e.g. understand mental health issues, navigate cyber spaces responsibly, make appropriate educational and career choices, appreciate family life and understand Singapore’s racial and religious diversity
  • for discussions on contemporary issues to enable our students to better understand current realities in our personal, national, regional and global contexts, and inspire them to make a positive difference to people and the world around them

The CCE lessons are mainly organised by three themes:
  • Becoming my best self
  • Building Connections
  • Making Choices