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National / Citizenship Education

National / Citizenship Education


  • In Whitley, we believe that Citizenship Education (CE) plays an important role in nurturing future citizens, to inspire in our young a sense of belonging to the nation, and guide them to be knowledgeable about local and global issues.
  • This develops our young to better understand, appreciate and commit to their role as responsible and caring citizens, and be loyal to the nation.

Learning Outcomes of Citizenship Education
  • The CE learning outcomes state what we want our students to learn and attain. The four learning outcomes are arranged according to attributes of leadership such as identity, culture and active responsible engagement as a member of society.

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  • Integrated / infusion into different aspects of WSS experiences
  • NE is infused into Character and Citizenship Education, Languages and Humanities classroom lessons, as well as the four NE Commemorative Days, the Learning Journeys and Values in Action programmes

Total Defence Day

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International Friendship Day

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Racial Harmony Day

Our students learned and shared about key contemporary social issues. One of these was to look at radicalization and how we can go about weaving the threads of cohesion in our society through the use of The Straits Time IN. As part of reflection, we got our students to pen it down on Padlet, a new ICT platform for them to share their thoughts.

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