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Principal Message

Every child who enters Whitley has talents, waiting to be discovered. In Whitley, we believe in providing many opportunities for our students to explore and to discover their interests and strengths, and through this journey of self-discovery, develop their passion and purpose. As a school team, we work to provide a holistic education which allows Whitleyans to discover the joy of learning, nurture the courage to try and develop the perseverance to overcome challenges.

Besides our Applied Learning Programme- Speech Communication Arts which aims to build confident and impactful communicators – Whitley also exposes and ‘wows’ our students to the affordances of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Since 2017, we have worked with Science Centre and Amgen Biotechnology to bring the biotechnology experience to our Secondary 2 students. Our lower secondary also picked up computational thinking through the Code for Fun and Micro:bit programmes, so that they could tap on coding to increase efficiency and improve lives of others. Whitleyans also had the opportunity to take up STEM Elective Module or Advanced Elective Module with Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the polytechnics to find out more about the field they are keen to pursue after secondary education.
As Whitleyans continue their journey to become caring and concerned citizens through the Active Citizenship for Social Change (ACSC)- our Learning for Life Programme, they are empowered to take action and make a difference in our society. Our 2017 2E1 students, for example, put their Secondary 1 ACSC project ideas into fruition by transforming the school’s rooftop into a garden so that their juniors have a cool place to hang out, while our Secondary 3s developed interesting ideas to meet the needs of the various groups they are serving. One of our Secondary 3 groups aims to raise awareness on cancer and students in that group are producing short story books and building a sensory room to allow others to experience what being a cancer patient truly means.  

While the Whitley Education has reaped good outcomes, what matters most is to see Whitleyans leaving the school gates upholding the school values, and having developed their potential to the fullest, and ready and willing to serve the community.

Mrs Tay Yang Fern